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The Teardrop Explodes

The Teardrop Explodes - Culture Bunker 1978-82 (7xLP + Box)

The Teardrop Explodes - Culture Bunker 1978-82 (7xLP + Box)

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The Teardrop Explodes - Culture Bunker 1978-82 (7xLP + Box)

Label: Universal Music Recordings, Universal Music Recordings, Zoo Records, Zoo Records

Format: 7xLP + Box

Country: Worldwide

Released: 2023

Genre: Rock, Pop

Style: Post-Punk, New Wave


Media: Mint (M)

Sleeve: Mint (M)


It's So Ethereal
A1 Sleeping Gas
A2 Camera Camera
A3 Kirkby Workers Dream Fades
A4 Bouncing Babies
A5 All I Am Is Loving You
A6 Treason (It's Just a Story)
A7 Read It In Books
A8 When I Dream
B1 Kilimanjaro
B2 Reward
B3 Strange House In The Snow
B4 Treason (It's Just a Story) (Remixed Version)
B5 Use Me
B6 Traison (C'Est Juste Une Histoire)
Christ Versus Warhol
C1 Ha Ha I'm Drowning
C2 Poppies In The Field
C3 Passionate Friend
C4 Christ Versus Warhol
C5 Colours Fly Away
C6 East Of The Equator
D1 Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns
D2 Tiny Children
D3 Rachael Built A Steamboat
D4 You Disappear From View
D5 Suffocate (No Strings)
D6 Ouch Monkeys
Band On The Wall
E1 Camera Camera
E2 Instro
E3 Sleeping Gas
E4 Seeing Through You
E5 Straight Rain
E6 All I Am Is Loving You
F1 Read It In Books
F2 Jury Service
F3 Take a Chance
F4 The Tunnel
F5 Camera Camera
F6 Outstro
F7 Sleeping Gas
From Drug Puritan To Acid King
G1 Beauty Comes Second
G2 Take a Chance
G3 Poppies In the Field
G4 Brave Boys Keep Their Promises
G5 Bouncing Babies
G6 For Years (AKA Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere)
H1 Ha Ha I'm Drowning
H2 Second Head
H3 Went Crazy
H4 Thief of Baghdad
H5 Save Me
H6 When I Dream
Out Of The Culture Bunker
I1 Dialogue Between (Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns)
I2 Suffocate (With Strings)
I3 Reward
I4 Bent Out Of Shape
I5 Colours Fly Away
I6 Falling Down Around Me
J1 Pure Joy
J2 Passionate Friend
J3 Tiny Children
J4 ...And The Fighting Takes Over
J5 The Culture Bunker
Falling Down Around Me
K1 The Great Dominions
K2 Butcher's Tale
K3 Screaming Secrets
K4 Not My Only Friend
K5 I'm Not The Loving Kind
K6 World Shut Your Mouth
L1 Whopper: Kwalo Koblinsky's Lullaby
L2 You Disappear From View
L3 Log Cabin
L4 The In-Psychlopedia
L5 Serious Danger
Death Rattle
M1 Count To Ten And Run For Cover
M2 Ouch Monkeys
M3 Icarus #1
M4 Terrorist
M5 Soft Enough For You
N1 Pussyface
N2 Your Big Lies
N3 Camera Camera
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