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Toyah - The Changeling : 3CD Deluxe, Expanded Edition

Toyah - The Changeling : 3CD Deluxe, Expanded Edition

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Toyah - The Changeling : 3CD Deluxe, Expanded Edition

Label: Cherry Red

Format: CD, Album, 

Cat. No. CDTRED883

Released: 2023

Genre: Rock

Style: New Wave, Pop Rock


Media: Mint (M)

Sleeve: Mint (M)


The Changeling
CD1-1 Creepy Room 3:19
CD1-2 Street Creature 4:01
CD1-3 Castaways 3:57
CD1-4 The Druids 3:31
CD1-5 Angel & Me 5:04
CD1-6 The Packt 4:51
CD1-7 Life In The Trees 3:17
CD1-8 Dawn Chorus 3:53
CD1-9 Run Wild, Run Free 4:01
CD1-10 Brave New World 5:30
Bonus Tracks
CD1-11 Warrior Rock 3:30
CD1-12 Paradise Child 2:37
CD1-13 Good Morning Universe 3:37
CD1-14 Urban Tribesmen 3:30
CD1-15 In The Fairground 3:19
CD1-16 The Furious Futures 3:24
CD1-17 Go Berserk (Tour Intro) 4:04
CD1-18 Stand Proud 3:56
CD1-19 Clapham Junction 3:00
CD1-20 I Want To Be Free (Roundhouse Session) 2:43
CD1-21 Dawn Chorus (6.55 Special Version) 3:30
Rare & Archive Material
Roundhouse Studios / Feb-June 1982
CD2-1 Creepy Room (Work In Progress Mix) 3:29
CD2-2 Street Creature (Work In Progress Mix) 4:25
CD2-3 Castaways (Work In Progress Mix) 4:07
CD2-4 The Druids (Work In Progress Instrumental) 3:19
CD2-5 Angel & Me (Work In Progress Mix) 4:04
CD2-6 The Packt (Work In Progress Mix) 4:00
CD2-7 Life In The Trees (Work In Progress Mix) 3:07
CD2-8 Dawn Chorus (Work In Progress Mix) 4:00
CD2-9 Run Wild, Run Free (Work In Progress Mix) 3:35
CD2-10 Brave New World (Work In Progress Mix) 6:06
CD2-11 Warrior Rock (Work In Progress Instrumental) 3:40
CD2-12 Paradise Child (Instrumental Outtake) 2:43
CD2-13 Untitled No.12 (Instrumental Outtake) 3:31
Joel's Portastudio Demos / Sept 1981
CD2-14 Chariots (Instrumental Home Demo) 3:31
CD2-15 The Pied Piper (Instrumental Home Demo) 3:16
CD2-16 Roxy One (Instrumental Home Demo) 2:55
CD2-17 Talking To Seifert (Instrumental Home Demo) 2:32
CD2-18 Piano Ballad (Instrumental Home Demo) 3:10
CD2-19 Anger (Instrumental Home Demo) 4:11
CD2-20 Bus Station For Heroes (Instrumental Home Demo) 3:38
Rare & Archive Footage
Toyah Interviews 2023
DVD-1 Creating The Changeling
DVD-2 Track By Track Commentary
Live & Unplugged 2018
DVD-3 Good Morning Universe
DVD-4 Brave New World
DVD-5 Angel & Me
Promo Video
DVD-6 Brave New World
DVD-7 Brave New World: Outtake Footage
BBC Television Appearances
DVD-8 Good Morning Universe: Top Of The Pops
DVD-9 It's A Mystery: Top Of The Pops Xmas Party
DVD-10 I Want To Be Free: British Rock & Pop Awards 1981
DVD-11 Brave New World: Get Set For Summer
DVD-12 Street Creature: Get Set For Summer
DVD-13 Castaways: Get Set For Summer
DVD-14 Brave New World: Cheggers Plays Pop
DVD-15 Dawn Chorus (Tour Clips): Nationwide
DVD-16 Dawn Chorus: Pebble Mill 6.55 Special
DVD-17 Ieya 1982: Pebble Mill 6.55 Special
DVD-18 Street Creature: Three Of A Kind
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