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Pixies - Live In Brixton - Special Edition, Vinyl Box Set

Pixies - Live In Brixton - Special Edition, Vinyl Box Set

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Pixies - Live In Brixton- Special Edition, Vinyl Box Set 

4 x Double Vinyl Box Set

Label: Demon Records, 

Format: Box, Compilation, S/Edition,

Released: 2022

Genre: Rock

Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock


Media: Mint (M)

Sleeve: Mint (M)


June 2nd, 2004
A1 Winterlong
A2 Nimrod's Son
A3 The Holiday Song
A4 Here Comes Your Man
A5 Vamos
B1 In Heaven
B2 Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
B3 I Bleed
B4 Monkey Gone To Heaven
B5 Bone Machine
B6 Velouria
B7 Dead
C1 No.13 Baby
C2 Subbacultcha
C3 Gouge Away
C4 Caribou
C5 Hey
C6 Cactus
C7 River Euphrates
D1 Debaser
D2 Broken Face
D3 Something Against You
D4 Tame
D5 Gigantic
D6 Wave Of Mutilation
D7 Into The White
June 3rd, 2004
E1 La La I Love You
E2 Ed Is Dead
E3 Here Comes Your Man
E4 Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
E5 Crackity Jones
E6 Isla De Encanta
E7 Something Against You
E8 Broken Face
E9 Mr. Grieves
F1 Hey
F2 Is She Weird
F3 Gouge Away
F4 Tame
F5 Debaser
F6 Bone Machine
F7 Levitate Me
F8 Monkey Gone To Heaven
G1 Velouria
G2 I Bleed
G3 Gigantic
G4 Nimrod's Son
G5 Vamos
G6 Where Is My Mind?
H1 U-Mass
H2 Wave Of Mutilation
H3 No.13 Baby
H4 Caribou
H5 Cactus
H6 Into The White
June 4th, 2004
I1 Bone Machine
I2 Crackity Jones
I3 River Euphrates
I4 Wave Of Mutilation
I5 Monkey Gone To Heaven
I6 I Bleed
I7 Caribou
I8 Cactus
J1 Broken Face
J2 Something Against You
J3 Isla De Encanta
J4 Hey
J5 No.13 Baby
J6 Dead
J7 U-Mass
J8 Gigantic
K1 Velouria
K2 Ed Is Dead
K3 In Heaven
K4 Where Is My Mind?
K5 Mr. Grieves
K6 Here Comes Your Man
K7 The Holiday Song
L1 Vamos
L2 Into The White
D3 Gouge Away
L4 Debaser
L5 Tame
L6 Planet Of Sound
June 5th, 2004
M1 Head On
M2 U-Mass
M3 Monkey Gone To Heaven
M4 Cactus
M5 Caribou
M6 No.13 Baby
M7 Broken Face
M8 Crackity Jones
N1 Isla De Encanta
N2 Something Against You
N3 Hey
N4 Mr. Grieves
N5 I Bleed
N6 Velouria
N7 Dead
O1 Gouge Away
O2 Tame
O3 Gigantic
O4 River Euphrates
O5 Debaser
O6 Wave Of Mutilation
O7 In Heaven
O8 Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
P1 Where Is My Mind?
P2 Blown Away
P3 Here Comes Your Man
P4 The Holiday Song
P5 Vamos
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